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inspiring human passion through art


I create abstract spaces and forms that explore the movement of the cosmos and of the human spirit. Both these dimensions... physical and spiritual... are infused with the same universal life force which expresses itself through a variety of elemental shapes.

I try to show how these elements move in time and space toward balance and spiritual harmony. I hope my work can serve as portals to the universe and sanctuaries of the soul for experiencing the oneness of both.


-Kiyomi Baird

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"Kiyomi Baird’s creations come from a place deep within her.  They are infused with her vitality, her calmness and her Zen.  There is no escaping the quiet draw her art exerts.


In some of her work orbs and other shapes float in a dreamy vapor of bliss.  Her personal solar systems seems to be ever-changing spaces, moving almost in slow motion and yet, they are really stationary and in two-dimensions.  Is it sleight of hand or magic?  Her works cast a spell—the on-looker is at once, soothed and pulled into the image.  Staring at one of her paintings, it is easy to be transported into her ethereal world.  It is a place so welcoming that it is difficult to leave.


The emotional otherworldliness she imbues in her art, becomes an element of change allowing the viewer to discover new, unseen things in a canvas they have lived with daily.   Kiyomi’s pieces stimulate the imagination while they placate the soul.”


Dick Eger

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