I grew up in California in a household headed by my non-English speaking grandmother, who left Japan through an arranged marriage at the start of the 20th century. When I was aged three my father gave me a box of artist’s materials. Making art became a daily activity and eventually a way of life.


At age 20 I was working on an art piece in Germany when I experienced a shift in consciousness that was my gateway to the artist’s path. I have been following that path ever since.


Years later I moved to Tokyo, my ancestral homeland. I felt a deep resonance with Japanese culture and aesthetics. I realized that aspects of my self and my art are essentially Japanese.


I believe this cultural duality is the source of a dynamic tension that I feel in my life and express in my art: the Eastern search inward toward stillness and the Western drive outward through exploration. This duality may explain my lifelong love of exploring and learning, while also nurturing a rich inner life.

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